Kacee Carpets

Kacee Carpets is a small family business managed by Kevin. Due to our size and without having the overheads of a shop we are able to offer some of the cheapest quotes in Derby. Having over 40 years experience in the flooring trade ensures consistency in providing the very best carpet fitting in Derby. You will only ever deal with Kevin ensuring you receive a truly personalised service.

We can supply a variety of affordable cheap carpets in Derby as well as the more expensive to match a wide variety of budgets. Although traditionally our roots are in carpets we also have extensive experience fitting laminate flooring and vinyl flooring.

Having a tremendous amount of experience allows us to offer invaluable advise to our customers, we understand that the majority of people are not well versed in flooring terminology; which is completely understandable. Sometimes we find that all that is really needed is good solid advice that can be trusted, we really come into our own in this regard. For this reason alone you should really consider giving us a call.

Absolutely, we’ve also here to walk you to the finish line with a warm friendly smile while holding your hand every step of the way.

We understand how carpets have the abilty to set the tone and mood in ones home; for instance, red carpets can make the room feel more welcoming and warm which is ideal for a living room, where as a blue carpet can do quite the opposite. Patterns and styles can take this further, choosing the right carpet for the right room will make a huge difference to how your visitors perceive your home. We understand the difficulties faced by our customers due to the longevity of a carpet, we are here to help, ensuring your satisfaction.


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